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About Bluefire Productions

Bluefire Productions is an interactive agency that builds finely crafted digital media tools for our clients. Some help consumers find the product information they need to make a buying decision, some make sharing photos and videos online easier and more fun, and others are for simply enjoying a good eBook.

The common thread is that we help our clients provide tangible value to their customers with useful tools that people love to use — on the web, on the desktop, and on the go.

Our Clients:
We work with companies big and small and we are particularly adept at helping entrepreneurial teams at household brands nimbly innovate and succeed:

  • Microsoft (MSNTV, Windows Media Center, Windows User Education, Microsoft Studios, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Adobe Systems (Photo Management and Sharing, Digital Publishing, Flash Platform)
  • Sony (US Research Labs)

Our Skills:
We are experts in designing and developing rich internet applications for consumers and the enterprise.

  • User Experience Design (Functional, Interaction, UI)
  • Development (Flash/Flex/AIR, Silverlight, AJAX)
  • Content Creative (Video, Copy, Animation, Soundtrack)
  • Back End Development (Database, Web Services, .Net)

Our Work:
We specialize in tools that make creating, sharing, and consuming digital media a richer experience. Click here to view a portfolio of featured projects.

Contact Us:

Patrick Keating, Technical Director:
Micah Bowers, UX Director:
(206) 781-1411
Bluefire Productions
2801 NW 70th Street
Seattle, WA 98117