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About Micah Bowers

Micah Bowers founded Bluefire Productions in 2001 and serves as our UX director. Micah leads the Bluefire project teams and collaborates with our clients on content, strategy and experience design.

Micah first became obsessed with interactive media in the late 80’s while at the Evergreen State College. There he worked on interactive video projects (through grants from DSHS) that utilized Hypercard, an early genlock board prototype, and a video disk player.

In the early 90’s his work was more focused on film and video production which included working on national TV spots for the usual suspects (beer, car, and restaurant chain companies, etc) a few rock videos, a few stints on features and a couple seasons on the crew of the hit TV series “Northern Exposure”. Also during that time Micah ran Helix Multimedia which focused on motion graphics and digital post.

In 1995 he went to work for Splash Studios, a children’s “edutainment” CD-ROM publisher in Redmond, WA. At Splash Micah worked both on the set (multi-camera bluescreen shoots) as production coordinator and AD, and in the office as a game designer and animator.

Then in 1996 Micah joined Vance Martin and Roland Yamamoto to start up LiveWire Interactive, Inc. There he led the production teams on a wide variety of CD-ROM, iTV and online projects for clients such as Microsoft, Sony, Shell, HP, Fujitsu, etc. In 2000 LiveWire took some venture money, merged with a few other companies in the space, and became Wirestone - which is still going strong today.

Micah left Wirestone in 2001 to start anew with Bluefire doing the things he loves best; hands-on involvment in the creation of great interactive experiences that engage users and deliver solid business results.