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Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 Flash Gallery Tips and Tricks #8: Modify Size and Location of the Image Canvas

What if you had a background image and you wanted the images in your gallery to align to a “frame” (for example a TV screen) in the background? (see article #1 about that) This is particularly tricky if you don’t want that location to be “centered” in the gallery as it does by default. This can be done in a Photoshop Lightroom Flash gallery, though I will warn you that it is a bit complex, and will take a fair amount of trial and error work to figure out. You would also need to make your own image renditions and edit the “group.xml” file (which I’ll discuss in a future article). This is only really worth it to someone who REALLY wants to achieve this effect and is willing to work through it. For everyone else, this might be an interesting read just so you have a basic understanding of the XML related to the image canvas.

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