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Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 Flash Gallery Tips and Tricks #7: Area Backgrounds and Area Borders

The thumbnail area of a gallery and the “slideshow” area of a gallery (the area that the images, captions, and playback buttons are in) can have their own background color and border. You can set the transparency (alpha) and color of either area independently. The settings for this are a bit “spread out” in the style.xml file. Look for:

<thumbnailviewborder color=”CCCCCC” alpha=”100.00″/>
<thumbnailviewbgcolor alpha=”6.00″ color=”382828″/>
<slideshowbgcolor color=”FFFFFF” alpha=”0.00″/>
<slideshowborder color=”CCCCCC” alpha=”100.00″/>

The alpha values are particularly handy if you have a background image (see article #1).

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