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New AMG 1.2.0 Source Now Released

The new version of the Adobe Media Gallery was just uploaded to –in version 1.2.0 we made the following improvements to the AMG code base:

* the ability to add menu commands to the gallery
* the ability to list multiple photo groups in the menus
* the ability to change styles via the menu commands
* easier project compilation (no extra steps, just Test Movie or Publish)
* better use of the external flashvars xml file
* various bug fixes

A zipped archive of the source, including sample galleries that make use of the new menu features, can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the
AMG open source site at

A sample gallery illustrating these features can be seen here:
sample 1.2.0 gallery

Stay tuned to this blog for more posts concerning how to use these new features in the next couple of days.

13 Responses to “New AMG 1.2.0 Source Now Released”

  1. Marvin Chery Says:

    Very nice. When can we expect to see that in Lightroom?
    Also would you have any tips on how to make the picture downloadable. (like adding a download link to the pages)
    I have to say AMG is the best flash gallery I have found out there. I use it on my site.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    how to install/integrate the download to Lightroom

  3. hcabbos Says:

    Do we have to wait for Adobe to update Bridge in order to use AMG 1.2.0? I see this page refers to the source code but is there an installer for 1.2 that idiots like me can use?

  4. Sean McCormack Says:

    MIcah, Any news on adding a links menu in Lightroom?
    I’ve a feeling my workaround may not last long!

  5. Administrator Says:

    I do not know when or if the menu feature we added will be used in a future update of LR. You might be able to get it working in LR yourself. Be aware that 1.2 adds a new XML file called “FlashVars” that is inteded to both resolve the issue that Elements, Bridge, and LR all use slightly different file structures - and to make it easier for developers who download the source code to compile builds. Downside is that we have not created any supporting docs yet, so you have to download the source package, and look at the sample gallery to see how that works, and then you’d need to modify the gallerymaker accordingly.

  6. Administrator Says:

    AMG 1.2 is an update to the opensource AMG project only. It is unknown to me at this time when or if the 1.2 features will be included in future Bridge updates.

  7. Mark Sweeney Says:

    I love the sample 1.2.0 gallery. How do you get the titles and description to show up for the first two images? I’ve been trying different things with the xml code to get my titles and descriptions (in the metadata in Bridge) to show up, with no avail.

    One more technical question… I know how to set up the gallery for a fixed size, embedded in a page, but is there a way to embed the gallery it in an iframe, or div tags so it only takes up the space the iframe or div tag takes up, no matter what the window size?

    I’ve been trying to set up a gallery with my own headers, which are 116 pixels deep, and the gallery filling the rest of the page, but the gallery always flows 116 pixels below the bottom of the window, forcing you to scroll down to see the whole thing, so the header will either scroll out of sight, or block the top of the gallery.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    Thanks for this site, it’s a great resource.

  8. Ali Says:

    I have successfully gotten the menus up and running, many thanks to you. What I do is I once created and uploaded the galleries via Lightroom 1.1 to the server and replaced the gallery file. Then I use modified group, style and localtext XMLs. I also add new photos by manually adding them to group.xml and in the bin folders. Every gallery has a separate subdirectory and xml files on the server and they are linked externally. The only problem I am facing is that while navigating from one menu link to another, sometimes the thumbs and images will not load, and sometimes they do. You need to refresh the link/page or switch to slide show for the images to load. If a gallery is loaded once, this problem will not occur with that gallery again. I have been scratching my head over this for a couple of weeks now and by the way the problem is not browser dependent, i.e. it happens in all browsers I have tested and is quite random in occurrence. I highly appreciate your input on this. By the way my site location is:

  9. Administrator Says:

    It appears that a bug from an earlier version of AMG (the one in LR 1.0) has snuck back in to the 1.2 version. The bug causes this loading problem on galleries that have an image (identity plate) in the header of the gallery. We posted a blog entry about that back on May 13 here:

    That bug is fixed in the versions used in LR 1.1, but somehow got reintroduced in the AMG 1.2 build that is on the opensource site.

    Clearly this needs to be fixed in a future update to the opensource version. In the mean time, the only immediate fix is to remove the header graphic from the gallery. The above mentioned article describes some alternate methods for acheiving the same essential result by turning off the gallery header and putting the graphic in the html page itself - “above” the gallery.

  10. Judson McKelvey Says:

    I have Lightroom 1.2 (mac) and I’ve downloaded the AMG 1.2.0 source file. I really like the sample 1.2.0 Gallery and would like to load it into lightroom. Please excuse my ignorance But I don’t know what files to add and/or replace, or where they need to go. If you could give some detailed instructions it would be a great help.

  11. Chris Disdero Says:

    I’m trying to specify the startup image in a collection using AMG 1.2.0. I see a flashvar called startImg, and I set it to an image index number in the collection and it doesn’t seem to work. How do you specify the image to start with in a collection at the HTML level? Thanks.

  12. Adam Says:

    I am no expert, can anyone help me with “installing” AMG 1.2? Is it just a matter of replacing certain files, or am I missing something easy here? Thanks!

  13. Micah Says:

    Sorry to say startImg does not work. We had planned to do that, but did not make it in.