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Embedding Adobe Media Gallery in a Simple HTML Page using Flashvars

Many of you have been asking question about our recent posts concerning embedding the Adobe Media Flash Gallery in web pages. And there is some understandable confusion surrounding just how to accomplish this.

The reason for this confusion is twofold: first, the html that we wrote for the gallery was (necessarily) complicated and therefore hard to understand; second, the tips we wrote about html embedding were meant to demonstrate the default file pathing that is hard-coded into the gallery.

Unfortunately this led many of you to get the infamous ‘swirling circle of endless loading’. BUT, there is a better way to point the gallery at the right resources.

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2 Responses to “Embedding Adobe Media Gallery in a Simple HTML Page using Flashvars”

  1. Mark English Says:

    I have used your originally suggested methodology to embed a flash based LR gallery in an HTML page. (the portfolio sections of my site are all using this strategy). It works great with both IE6/7 as well as Safari B3 for Windows. It has never worked with Firefox though.
    So I tried the flasvars method described here, which once again works well in IE and Safari… but still no joy with Firefox. What is different about Firefox that causes this problem?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Deacon Says:

    This concerns the Adobe Media Gallery v1.2.0,
    My ISP gives me webspace that is not enough to hold the amount of galleries I intend to produce. I tried to edit the group/groupxml file that was exported from Bridge to direct the gallery to look for the image files that were uploaded to an image hosting site. I simply pasted the URL given by the image hosting site for each image in its respective place in the xml file. All of the other files were sent to my ISP webspace. Only the image files were separated from thr rest of the gallery files. The result is the gallery says that it is loading the thumbnails. It seems like it is going to work but they never load. Why not?
    I’ve got the feeling that entire gallery must be run from the same place whether it is on a website or on a local machine. This is the only way I can get it to work and it works very well. How can I get the images to load from other image hosting sites without the authoring environment (Flash)?