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Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 Flash Gallery Tips and Tricks #15: Working in Advanced Mode

I’ve posted a bit of info in Tips #9 about advanced mode, here I’ll break down that panel a bit more and describe what each control does. To re-iterate, Advanced mode has been described as an experimental, unsupported feature. This appears to be accurate, as many of the controls do not “live preview” inside the app, and you’ll often need to “preview in browser” to see the effects of the settings. I personally find it more efficient to export a gallery first, and then edit the xml files. This way I can immediately “refresh” the preview and see the effects, without having to wait for the preview to be generated each time I make a tweak to a setting in the panels. That said, the panel controls can be very handy if you are exporting multiple galleries and already know the setting you want to apply.

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4 Responses to “Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 Flash Gallery Tips and Tricks #15: Working in Advanced Mode”

  1. nelson d'aires Says:


    do you know what is the setting for playoptions so the slidshow starts automatically? i tried change the “pause” to “play”, but it didn’t work for me…


  2. Administrator Says:

    Sorry to say, that feature only works in the Elements 5.0 version of AMG Flash Gallery, the autoplay feature is not inlcluded in the Lightroom/Bridge version at this point.

  3. Tobias Says:

    In amg Version 1.3 is it possible to use the play function. When can we expect it?

  4. kvon Says:

    Sorry for dredging up an old thread but I just stumbled across this. The advanced mode tip is fantastic, but for all the settings this opens up, one of them is NOT the copyright watermark!! Would love to know if you have some tricks up your sleeve for that?