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Photoshop Lightroom Flash Gallery Tips and Tricks #4: Changing Image and Thumbnail Borders

If you look closely at the various Flash Gallery templates in Photoshop Lightroom 1.0, you’ll notice some variations in the “look” of image and thumbnail borders (and the drop-shadows too) but if you look in the customization controls of the app, you’ll notice there is no way to change those on any given template. Here’s how to do that manually by editing values in the “style.xml” file (found inside the “..resources/styles” folder) of an exported Flash Gallery.

The thumbnail related style settings look like this:
<thumbhover color=”000000″ alpha=”100.00″/>
<thumbselected color=”FF0000″ alpha=”100.00″/>
<thumbdropshadow enabled=”false”/>
<thumbborder color=”999999″ alpha=”100.00″ width=”1.00″/>

You can set the color of the thumbnail border (as well as the selected and hover colors), set the width and transparency of the border, and turn the drop shadow on or off. I won’t provide examples here because it is pretty straightforward. Note though that colors are defined as “hex” values. If you’ve not worked with hex colors it can be a bit confusing (but there’s lots of online tutorials and tools for that around). I personally use Photoshop to get hex color values. I just open the “color picker”, get the color I want, and then copy the correlating hex value out of the field at the bottom (the one with the “pound” sign next to it).

Editing borders on images is very similar. Here’s the nodes in style.xml related to that:
<imageborder color=”666666″ alpha=”100.00″ width=”0.50″/>
<imagedropshadow enabled=”true”/>

I will cover how to make changes to the appearance of other elements in article #5

2 Responses to “Photoshop Lightroom Flash Gallery Tips and Tricks #4: Changing Image and Thumbnail Borders”

  1. Dan Says:

    Can I actually edit the flash swf in Flash? I would like to have Lightroom always create my flash galleries with a link in it that I specify. Is this possible? I can’t figure out the html version either.


  2. Administrator Says:

    You can not edit the swf as importing it into Flash would not decompile the ActionScript (which is the bulk of what is in the gallery.swf). Easiest way to add links is via the “Web or Mail Link” box in the “Labels” panel in Lightroom’s Flash Gallery tab. This attaches the link to the text you put into the “contact info” box.

    One alternative is to add links into the “Title” or “Captions” area of the galery via the “Image Settings” panel in Lightroom. For example, if you chose “custom text” and then pasted <a href=""></a> into the “Custom Text” box, you’d get the text “” under every photo and it would behave like a html link.

    If you wanted to have different links under different photos, (e.g. “download hi-res” or “add to shopping cart” then you could put them into the image’s “captions” meta data, (via the “Caption” box in the Metadata panel of Library) and then you’d need to insert the captions token into “custom text” via the “edit” menu item in the drop down to the right of of the “caption” check box in the Web Tab’s “Image Settings” panel.