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Ebooks on a card

Scenario: I go to 7-11 and grab the latest NY Times bestseller as a wallet-sized plastic card.  It has a lotto style scratch-off strip…

That has a code number underneath.  I go to the website, enter that code and download my ebook.  I keep the card, and if I should ever need to download the book again (e.g. in a different format for a new device), I can just use that same code.  My kids already buy something very similar  - check out the very awesome which had coded cards in retail stores across US and Europe.

There are trends a-happen’ here folks.  Look at Webkinz, or for that matter, check out

Maybe there is a vending machine that prints these in the store so I can choose from a catalog.  Maybe there’s a chip in the card…


The point is, ebook style packaging of content is the savior of publishing companies, because people are OK buying “objects” - even if they are virtual - but not so cool with buying subscriptions (well, except for those “Rhapsody meets Netflix” ebook subscripton services that will rock).  So let’s run with that objectification thing! (books, I’m talking books, put away the club!)

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