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First Library Offers EPUB eBooks

The EPUB file format has taken another significant step forward with the announcement that the Cleveland Public Library has begun offering eBook downloads in the format (via).  This is only the beginning of what will clearly be a massive shift toward the proliferation of EPUB  in public libraries.  Why?

1. EPUB is an new Open Standard that is being rapidly adopted by the publishing industry.

2. It is a great format for mobile reading and I think that many new mobile devices will support the format by the end of 2009 - Sony Reader Digital Book and iPhone (using Stanza) already do.

3. It is a supported format in Adobe Digital Editions, the best desktop eBook software (OK, we designed it for Adobe so I’m a bit partial)

4. Adobe offers a great new DRM product that is well suited to the needs of Libraries and their patrons.  Adobe Content Server 4 was released by Adobe last fall and it is a quantum leap over ACS3.   A screenshot of the ACS4 admin console can be found in our portfolio here:

This, among other developments, just reinforces my thinking that 2009 is going to be the dawn of the world’s libraries in your pocket.  We here at Bluefire are commited to furthering that vision in every way we can.

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