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AMG Now in Bridge

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Bluefire designed and developed the AMG Flash Gallery found in the web gallery export features of Lightroom 1.0 and Elements 5.0. Well, now it is in Bridge CS3 too! To be more precise, A beta version of the AMG engine (which adds AMG based HTML or Flash gallery export featuers to Bridge CS3) is available for download on Adobe Labs. This is good news for Flash developers, because you can make your own gallery templates and distribute them to users of Bridge, Elements or Lightroom (or all three). Keep in mind that the AMG system allows the gallery template to be ‘paired” with an XML file that causes customization controls to appear in the “host” application. So not only can you as a Flash developer create a gallery template, you can provide your end users with UI controls to customize the template in a wide variety of ways (colors, fonts, layout options, etc). For more info, check out this post on John Nack’s blog.

For more developer oriented info on AMG, read some of the prior articles on this blog, or check out this Adobe Devnet article. and Jeff Tranberry is posting some helpful info as well.

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